Grief Resources

It’s incredible how attached people can get to their pets. Have you recently said goodbye to your trusted companion? Here’s some advice to help you cope with your loss.

Many people might try to convince you that the death of a dog, cat, bird, rabbit or any other pet isn’t worth crying over. Although these people mean well, they’ve probably never experienced the loss of a beloved pet. Seek comfort from those who understand your grief. However, if you’re still devastated weeks later, consider seeking professional help. Talking to a therapist or members of a support group can help provide the necessary clarity and strength to move on.

To better cope with your loss, commemorate your pet’s memory by framing a picture of the two of you together or keeping its collar or favorite toy as a memento. And if somebody gives you a hard time for your apparently “exaggerated” behavior, ignore them! After all, studies have shown that the loss of a pet is comparable to that of a family member.

Lastly, resist the urge to adopt a new pet that looks just like your old one in the days that follow. Every animal has its own personality, so you might be disappointed when you find that your new companion doesn’t resemble old Fido at all. Ideally, give yourself several months to mourn the loss of your former pet and open your heart to a new one.